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The Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) is a contact lens that can be implanted into the eye without removing the natural lens. Collamer, a collagen co-polymer containing a trace of purified collagen, is used to make this lens. The lens is highly safe, soft, flexible, and moist because it is stable and biocompatible. As ICL is implanted through a microscopic incision with no stitches, it has no effect on the natural shape or health of the cornea.

ICL surgery allows for the safe and effective surgical correction of powers up to -20D and cylindrical correction of 6D. An ICL provides better vision than a contact lens because it does not move and can correct cylindrical and spherical power more effectively.


If you have any of the following conditions, you may be eligible for ICL/IPCL; however, you must first consult with an ophthalmologist.
  • Spherical power greater than -8 Dioptres
  • Cylindrical power greater than 3.5 Dioptres
  • Cornea is thinner than 450 microns
  • Any situation in which LASIK is not a viable option
  • Presence of dry eye
  • If cornea is unhealthy including keratoconus

ICL is an artificial lens that functions similarly to a contact lens and has the same structure as an intraocular lens. The ICL is placed in front of the natural lens of the eye, behind the iris, where it is invisible to both outside observers and the patient. The ICL procedure can correct moderate to severe myopia.

LASIK is a surface procedure that involves the removal of a portion of the cornea. The procedure is permanent. Visit our LASIK page to know more details

ICL is a very safe procedure that has been approved by the US-FDA, indicating that it is safe for human eyes. However, as with any surgical procedure, it can have complications such as infection and increased intraocular pressure, but all of these are extremely rare if a proper screening check is performed prior to the procedure. During the healing process, some patients may experience discomfort (halos, light sensitivity), but these effects are only temporary. During your consultation, your ophthalmologist will go over the procedure's risks and benefits with you.
Collamer, a collagen co-polymer containing a small amount of purified collagen, is used to make ICL. It is stable and biocompatible, and it has been used in the lenses implanted during eye surgery for many years. The lens is compact, foldable, soft, pliable, and moist. Because the lens has no effect on the nerve fibres in the cornea, it does not cause dry eye.

advantages of icl

Tailored to the shape and size of each eye
Corrects spherical and cylindrical prescriptions
Does not cause dry eyes
Preserves eye's natural focusing ability
Intended to be permanent, but is removable
Contains UV protection



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